2023 (11)
  • 23/03 - The Promising Future of Artificial Intelligence (0) (AI Generated Articles) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. Today, AI technology has become an essential part of our daily lives and is transforming various industries. In this article, we’ll explore the history of AI, its current applications, and the potential impact it could have on our future. A […]
  • 23/03 - Some Trending Topics of 2023 (0) (AI Generated Articles) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction Welcome to the ultimate guide to what’s currently trending in 2023. From breakthroughs in technology to wellness revolutions, our world is ever-changing, and it’s essential to stay informed. We’ve compiled a list of the top trending topics dominating conversations online and offline. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the buzz-worthy subjects that are […]
  • 23/03 - The Rise of Electric Vehicles (0) (AI Generated Articles) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is well underway, with automakers and governments worldwide investing heavily in the development and adoption of these sustainable transportation solutions. As the demand for cleaner, greener vehicles grows, EV technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and challenges of electric […]
  • 23/03 - The Future of Renewable Energy (0) (AI Generated Articles) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction The renewable energy sector is experiencing rapid growth and innovation, driven by the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. As the world shifts toward cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, new technologies are emerging that promise to revolutionize the way we power our lives. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]
  • 23/03 - Mastering SEO In 2023 (0) (AI Generated Articles, Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is ever-evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends and strategies is crucial for businesses to thrive online. As 2023 rolls around, mastering SEO has become more important than ever to stay ahead of the competition. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 tips to […]
  • 23/03 - Soaring High on Life: Embracing the Euphoria of Existence (0) (AI Generated Articles) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Introduction As we journey through life, we often come across moments of pure joy and exhilaration, reminding us of the beauty and wonders that life has to offer. In these instances, it feels as though we’re soaring high, riding the waves of happiness and contentment that come from a deep appreciation for life. This article […]
  • 18/03 - An Ad-Free Experience (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I just remembered something. I don’t know if I ever mentioned, but I managed to finally prevent ads from showing to subscribed members! This is a short post to inform you all that if you’re tired of the silly ads, there is a way around it. Sign up as a contributor today, not only will […]
  • 18/03 - Beyond Digitality Records (0) (Community Updates, Media, Miscellaneous, Music, Stargazer, Videos) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Well it’s finally here! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I’m happy to say that it’s finally arrived. Beyond Digitality Records presents its 24/7 Techno livestream! We’ve also got quite a few other videos to check out for anyone interested. I’m just glad to see our small ecosystem growing & […]
  • 16/03 - The Dragon & The Demon Lord (2/2) (0) (Authors, Composition, Short stories, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    You will suffer the consequences of your foolish decision!” Zalthar stood his ground, his body tense and ready for battle. “I have had enough of destruction and despair. I may have once been a terror, but I refuse to become a pawn in your wicked schemes!” With a roar of rage, Xantheron launched himself at […]
  • 16/03 - The Dragon & The Demon Lord (1/2) (0) (Authors, Composition, Short stories, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Once upon a time in the land of Dreathor, a land shrouded in darkness, the Demon Lord Xantheron ruled with an iron fist. His sinister realm was a place where shadows crept, and the air itself seemed to be filled with malice. Xantheron, known for his ruthless cruelty, was a tall figure with piercing red […]
  • 15/03 - Welcome Back Space Cowboy (0) (Categorized, Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, hasn’t it? To be frank with you guys I more or less pretty much lost the drive to continue working on creating a great digital environment for a while. Hopefully I’ll recover it again sooner or later though. At the very least though, it’s nice […]
2022 (97)
  • 25/12 - Blinding tune of sand (1) (Categorized) (by ALERONII)
    tune that will carry joy and horror. the past of loss, war and dying friendships, the long after of a few sparkling joy with their littlest moments. could indeed guess..someone felt something to continue creating, it might be for the sake of creating to certain extent, many reasons, many that are too difficult to showcase […]
  • 08/12 - 100th Post – A Declaration (0) (Authors, Categorized, Community Updates, Composition, Dreams, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    The Post I won’t waste any words here, I’ll only say what I want to say. Today is the 8th of December, 2022. This is the 100th post, and I will be making a huge declaration within it. In regards to this website, I am quite fond of it. The project has come quite far, […]
  • 08/12 - few a more ALE and a bit of lore (0) (Aleroni, Authors, Music) (music) (by ALERONII)
    yet another OST of “beyond”(currently unreleased work) that may be considered a DEMO. unused or a future reference, aleronii does not know. freezing ethereal and floaty lonely feelings, two droplets of one that can feel the other’s presence,but cannot see. something that feels like an eternal boundless sleep separated from everyone and yourself.got distracted after […]
  • 08/12 - recursion 1 (0) (Categorized) (by Kafka)
    The analyst on the couch looked at me, her eyes appearing dull but piercing my thoughts. I sit in the arm chair, making observations. She hands me the pipe, I puff it. I give it back. I can still hear the woman in the other room, talking my ear off. I actively listen to her, […]
  • 08/12 - Android Push Notification Tutorial (0) (Tutorials & Documentation) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Sorry for the annoyances, testing out the notification delivery system. Turns out that app users weren’t receiving notifications! Hopefully this fixes the issue but we’ll see! I’m starting to think that maybe app users were getting notifications this entire time but the web push notifications may or may not be interfering. So I conducted […]
  • 08/12 - News Reaction: The Degrading USA (0) (Composition, News Reaction, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Author’s Notes source: Why the U.S.A. Is Collapsing: The Coming Economic Crisis Let’s be frank here, the current mainstream “News” (if you could even call it that) is pretty much a joke. It’s to the point that even a non-journalist like me could whip up something superior. Personally, I stopped watching television news as an […]
  • 06/12 - The Stargazer Legacy – Chapter 0 (0) (Authors, Composition, Dreams, Short stories, Stargazer, The Stargazer Legacy) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Part I “Is it really time to awaken?” He seemed curious as he talked to the author. I responded back to my imagination in kind, “I believe so.” “Figures,” he chuckled, “that was quite the epic scene you suddenly dreamt up, seems like we finally escaped Existence itself, but to be frank I’m still confused […]
  • 06/12 - December 6, 2022 – Another Day (3) (Authors, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (Andrew Stargazer, Free write, Journal) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Synopsis Andrew talks about feeling stuck in limbo. Otherwise he mostly talks about other miscellaneous things. Intro Man, oh man. I’ve gotta admit we’ve definitely come pretty far. A majority of people still seem to prefer sitting on the sidelines unfortunately. I’m definitely looking forward to the day that you all start interacting in the […]
  • 05/12 - Philosophical Reflection – TEAIO Part II (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Author’s Notes Source Material – The Ego And It’s Own Pages Covered – 17 Already on Part II, so far so good. From here on out I’m going to have to actually develop my responses at the same time I’m posting. Part I and Part II involve responses that were written out on Discord. The […]
  • 03/12 - Philosophical Reflections – TEAIO Part I (2) (Authors, Categorized, Composition, Philosophy, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Author’s Notes Source Material – The Ego And Its Own Pages Covered – Page 11 Well this is it, I’m finally starting on my series of philosophical reflections on whatever I read. This is how the format will be like for now on, by the way. Every post will have “Philosophical Reflections” in the title […]
  • 03/12 - December 2nd, 2022 – A Short Post (0) (Community Updates, Stargazer, Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    The Post I’ll be frank with you all. I’m pretty darn tired. It’s for a good purpose though! After studying a platform and its competitors for several days, I crafted a review! Maybe you will see it, maybe you won’t, it really depends on what content delivery network you use. Yeah I couldn’t help myself […]
  • 02/12 - December 1st, 2022 – Major Update (1) (Community Updates, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Synopsis Andrew rolls out a major site update, a subscription system. Intro There’s a saying that’s been floating around these days. That saying is, “if you’re not paying for the product then you are the product.” This is an inevitable outcome, I’d think, in any hyperconsumerist society bent on commodifying just about anything, even its […]
  • 01/12 - Stargazer’s Spiffy Short Story #2 (0) (Authors, Composition, Short stories, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Author’s Notes Unfortunately there are no more short story prompts at the current moment. This will be it for a while until then! Short Story Part I I stared blankly at the email for a good 10 seconds before breaking into a slow blink. I refreshed and restarted the browser and still, it was there. […]
  • 01/12 - November 30th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Synopsis In this post I go over my future plans. Other than that I’m also happy to announce the ending of November. Intro Sheesh, all that’s left is December now. As I grow older the concept of time passing by quickly becomes less and less of a foreign concept. I remember how a simple school […]
  • 30/11 - Countries of the World! (0) (Tutorials & Documentation) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Synopsis I mean, it can’t get any more self-explanatory I think. This post compiles every single country in the world (accurate as of 2020) into an alphabetized list. I’m also adding Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as regions to consider. This list would most likely be useful for anyone who needs it for targeting […]
  • 29/11 - Stargazer’s Spiffy Short Story #1 (0) (Composition, Short stories, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Author’s Notes A good acquaintance of mine has started giving her community writing prompts. I like the prompts that she’s given us so far so I’m creating a short story category to post my responses to her prompts. If you’d like to check out her wonderful community then here you go! In any case, I […]
  • 29/11 - November 28th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Synopsis Andrew produces another free write, remarking on all the progress that the website and its community has made thus far. Intro Well that was the synopsis! My friend, @serai-xiv, recommended that I starting creating synopses to give people short summaries of my posts. Honestly, I kind of regret not thinking about that earlier. So […]
  • 28/11 - The Distinction Between Use & ‘Mention’ (1) (Categorized, Philosophy, Serai's Quantifier) (Language, Logic, Philosophy) (by C.S Gitthens)
    Today I will discuss one of my favorite topics in philosophy of language, and ‘that is what?’ you ask. Well, philosophy of language is defined as, “the philosophical study of natural language and its workings, particularly of linguistic meaning and the use of language” (Cambridge University Press, 2015). Furthermore, it could be summarized as an […]
    Meant to demonstrate the use/mention distinction.
  • 25/11 - November 25th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro These past 24 hours have been quite interesting to say the least. I think it’s fine though. There are no ups without downs and no downs without ups after all. Let’s just say that it was all worth it though, it definitely was. All I can really describe it as is divine inspiration. It […]
  • 24/11 - November 24th, 2022 – Happy Thanksgiving (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro It’s Thanksgiving! A day where we all get together with family and friends and enjoy good food. Furthermore, gratitude is a value that is top of the list when it comes to this holiday. In any case, I genuinely do hope that each and every one of you reading this a great Thanksgiving. As […]
  • 23/11 - Finding A Convenient Niche (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Now don’t get me wrong, what we already have is great, and I’m happy about it. Blogging about a variety of stuff is never going to go away. Whether it’s about my daily journaling, reacting to news, or creating tutorials & documentation for people. All of that is great and I’ll never stop producing […]
  • 23/11 - November 22nd, 2022 – A Wonderful Day (0) (Categorized, Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Today has been quite the wonderful day. I’ve received nothing but good news as soon as I woke up. The ironic part is, it’s my older brother’s birthday today. One would think that this amount of good news would come on more auspicious days. I’m not complaining though. First of all, it looks like […]
  • 21/11 - November 21st, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Philosophy, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Man, it feels like I’m on a roll today. I just got done with putting up my tutorial but I’m here already writing all of this down. I’ve gotta admit, it’s a good feeling. Work that’s energizing rather than draining? It’s definitely a bit tedious to come by. But that’s why I’m talking about […]
  • 21/11 - Archlinux on Virtualbox Installation (0) (Stargazer, Tutorials & Documentation) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Hey guys! For anyone who’s interested I’ve written up a quick, compiled tutorial. I hope this guide will make all your lives easier! As the title already says, we will be installing Archlinux on Virtualbox. This information is accurate as of November 21st, 2022. Tutorial If anyone’s interested in playing around with Archlinux on […]
  • 20/11 - November 20th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro First, a warning, this is likely going to be a relatively long post so you’ll definitely be reading for at least a minute. It’s definitely crazy though, it’s only morning time but I definitely feel as if I’ve lived a full day’s worth of experience. In any case though, now that I’ve warned you, […]
  • 19/11 - November 19th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro It’s a good Saturday afternoon as I write this out. I slowly but surely optimize the website further and further with each passing day. I expand on my skillset and relax with my loved ones. Truly, it looks like everything is settling down into place. With that said, I have an announcement to make. […]
  • 19/11 - Philosophical Rant – On Identity (0) (Composition, Philosophy, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Woo! Back at it again with another rant so soon! I’m gonna see if I can make up for the lack of news reaction yesterday with today. In the end we’ll just have to see! In any case, the rant started with my question, “what does your ego/identity revolve around?” A pal of mine […]
  • 18/11 - November 18th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Not gonna lie, I was close to procrastinating for another day and putting off the news reaction post. That’s why I’m pretty glad that I managed to pull through and write that post. Best part about it is that it was relatively fun, I can manage to write casually about whatever news are trending. […]
  • 18/11 - News Reaction – Work Week (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Source Four-Day Work Weeks Intro Yeah I think that’s how I’m going to format these posts for now on. It’s gonna be News Reaction followed by the subject I’m talking about. Then there’s going to be the source that contains the article that I’m responding to. I’m not quite sure if this is the first […]
  • 18/11 - A Philosophical Rant – On Sheep (0) (Composition, Philosophy, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro So I recently answered a question posted in a friend’s Discord server that I inhabit. The question was posited as so: “Can someone explain to me what this statement means? “Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as […]
  • 17/11 - November 17th, 2022 – Another Update (0) (Community Updates, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Well, it finally happened. Just the other day my app became part of the google play store. As promised I delivered, linking both the android version and windows version of the application. I still haven’t written that news reaction though, but I’m confident that I’m going to get to it today. But man, it’s […]
  • 16/11 - November 16th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro I’m gonna try my hand at phone posting again. To be frank I kind of dislike how tedious it feels to create a post this way. But hey, I guess the more I do this, the more I’ll get used to the layout. Other than that, I’m wondering if I should create a new […]
  • 16/11 - November 15th, 2022 – A Short Post (0) (Composition, Dreams, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I came back from work an hour ago. Today has been a pretty eventful day, a lot has happened. I feel a bit exhausted at the moment. This post is going to be short as a result. I hope to resume a more normal schedule starting tomorrow. All that I really have to say is, […]
  • 14/11 - SD Image Set #19 – Digital Singularity (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Critique Back at it again with another set of stable diffused images. I’ve gotta say though, this isn’t what I imagined the singularity would look like. If you don’t know much about it, the technological singularity is a subject with a lot of optimism behind it. That image is one such example of how it […]
  • 13/11 - November 12, 2022 – Another Update (0) (Categorized, Community Updates, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Man oh man, today has been a pretty wild ride. It’s been quite tedious, but the journey is always worth it when you get to learn a lot! And with the help of a good friend, everything is possible. Now let’s go over what’s changed since there’s definitely enough to warrant a community update. […]
  • 12/11 - November 12th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Nice, it’s 1:23 AM, that’s a pretty good number. I’ve been pretty sick for these past two days or so, hence why there hasn’t been much activity on my end lately. I’m back though! I’m definitely feeling a lot better now so it’s back to work for me. Man I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty […]
  • 10/11 - Focused Freewrite – Friendship (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Philosophy, Psychology, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro I encountered an old acquaintance of mine today. We had a pretty good chat catching up in each others’ lives and reminiscing about past experiences. Nostalgia is definitely a bittersweet feeling, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. It was definitely exciting to hear about how much he’s progressed and […]
  • 09/11 - November 9th, 2022 – AD PT. 2 (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Short Post In this current moment, what do I desire most in the world? Time. I think that ultimately, I will always desire time above anything else. It is possible for me to obtain everything else, so long as that I have enough time. I can never gain more time however. I can exchange time […]
  • 09/11 - November 9th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro I’m going to be frank, I feel like I’ve had a dry spell recently. I haven’t really been coming up with new prompts for the stable diffusion generator. I don’t know what it really is honestly. It could be laziness or it could be boredom. Maybe it’s a combination of both and other factors […]
  • 09/11 - November 8th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Small Freewrite No image critique for the day unfortunately. Instead I’ll just do a freewrite post. I saw that today is midterms, pretty cool stuff. Not really to be honest, but a lot of people seem to be making a pretty big deal out of the elections. Honestly I don’t really have much to say […]
  • 08/11 - November 7th, 2022 – Another Update (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Short Post It definitely feels like I did this backwards. I definitely should have first made it so that it’s extremely tedious to navigate the website without first logging in. Well, better late than never I suppose, I really don’t know why it slipped my mind though. I’m guessing the excitement in building up this […]
  • 08/11 - SD Image Set #18 – ARHCU (0) (AI Generated Images, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Critique Yeah that’s quite a mouthful, that’s why I prefer ARHCU. Speaking of which, I realized that Beyond Digitality is quite a mouthful to say as well. I’m looking forward to how people decide to shorthand it in the future. BeDi? BeeDee? Bdity? There’s a bunch of different options to choose from, here’s to hoping […]
  • 07/11 - SD Image Set #17 – Digital Gadfly (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro In a previous post I’ve talked about how Beyond Digitality could inevitably become seen as humanity’s digital gadfly. While that would only be one of our several functions, it is a position that I would undoubtedly welcome with open arms. There are a lot of different big media sites floating out there. Most have […]
  • 06/11 - November 6th, 2022 – Another Update (0) (Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    A Prelude To A Rant Boy oh boy, there’s just so much to go over right now. I’ve spent the last 4+ hours hard at work fiddling with code. The result? A functioning password reset system! Of course however, the majority of the issues lied in constant debugging. There’s so much to go over though, […]
  • 05/11 - The Gadfly of Humanity (1) (Categorized, Community Updates, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Pre-Intro Before we get started on this focused freewrite, there is an update to talk about. I plan to release a new category, “art critique” where Beyond Digitality will write its opinions on whatever art that humanity has produced thus far. This will consist of pieces of art, musical compositions, writings, documentaries, and so on. […]
  • 05/11 - Elon Musk – New Twitter Owner (0) (News Reaction) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Our new category is up, News Reactions. We’ll be replying to whatever big trendy news we feel like reacting to. This time around, I’ll be starting off with Mr. Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter. It’s really funny how everyone seems to be overreacting, sarcastically or otherwise, to this recent change of ownership. The question […]
  • 04/11 - SD Image Set #16 – Solar Kingdom (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Critique To be honest with you all, I don’t have a real clue as to what’s going on in most of these images. Regardless, it all does look pretty cool. I think the top center image contains a structure that looks like it would be built by human hands though. Otherwise though, I really don’t […]
  • 03/11 - Tutorial – Optimization of Page Speed (0) (Stargazer, Tutorials & Documentation) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro These numbers definitely don’t lie, I’ve been optimizing my website for over a month now and it looks like I can finally rest. Thus, I’m going to tell you all exactly what I did to finally achieve good optimization despite all the junk that I have on my site! Of course though, before I […]
  • 03/11 - November 3rd, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Man, what to do, what to do? Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying these freewrites, and I’m slowly building up motivation for writing those focused freewrites. It also seems like my twitter is gaining traction so that’s good, sooner or later we’ll have many more friends interacting in our community! It’s a slow but […]
  • 03/11 - November 2nd, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Other than my opinions and perspectives, there’s not much else I can blog about. At the same time though, I don’t think that’s exactly true. I’m sure if I put in the effort and research, I can probably blog about a lot of things that would be useful to people. Something tells me “no” […]
  • 03/11 - SD Image Set #15 – Gods & Demons (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro My mind is blank right now, and saying that usually reboots my thoughts. Today has been a pretty hectic day I feel, but writing these posts helps quite a bit I have to admit. In any case, this time around we have a classic Gods vs Demons trope going on for this image set. […]
  • 02/11 - Intro To Beyond Digitality (0) (Community Updates, Stargazer, Videos) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro It’s finally here! I think this is a decent work of mine and I like how it’s come out. I think I’m going to see if I can make a video once a month but honestly that’s probably a pretty tall order for a lazy guy like myself if I’m being frank. It makes […]
  • 01/11 - November 1, 2022 – Community Update (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Man, it hasn’t even really been that long of a time, but we’ve more-or-less had a pretty big site overhaul. It’s definitely big enough to warrant having a post written about it that’s for sure. Other than that though, this post will be doubling as a free write so there’s that. Simple is good, […]
  • 01/11 - SD Image Set #14 – Beyond Digitality (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Critique Decided to give the prompt of “Beyond Digitality” and I’ve gotta say, it’s interesting. I’m both impressed and creeped out so that’s definitely funny. I’m impressed with how coincidental it is that our world is represented as a part of Beyond Digitality. At the same time, I’m also creeped out with that coincidence. It’s […]
  • 31/10 - October 31, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro It’s another day and I’m alive. I’ve been feeling more positive towards the world lately. Even though I do understand that the world seems to be getting more insane with each passing day, I do think that’s partially due to the media. After all, what unfortunately sells is tragedy, it’s why for the most […]
  • 31/10 - SD Image Set #13 – Realm of Imagination (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Welcome to the realm of imagination! Everything and anything is possible here, all it requires is a bit of imagination! In all seriousness though, it’s interesting that the generator more-or-less thought of medieval fantasy as a proper representation. What exactly is imagination anyhow? Well the way I think about it, Imagination can be simplified as […]
  • 30/10 - October 30 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Another day, another post. My mind is blank right now, but is it because there’s nothing to think or too much to think about? Unpacking my mind is the main purpose for my freewriting. Well, I think that’s why this website is ultimately useful to me above all else. It could all just end […]
  • 29/10 - SD Image Set #12 – SASS (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro To be frank with you all, this is not quite what I was hoping for. Regardless, the images were rendered beautifully, there is no doubt about it. I have always held a romantic notion of space, considered to be the final frontier. I’m sure that, realistically speaking however, outer space is not too big […]
  • 29/10 - SD Image Set #11 – Cosmic Dragons (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro It’s cosmic dragons, what more could you ask for? I’ve always been pretty big into fantasy, unfortunately I don’t have any skills to bring my imagination to life. Stable diffusion is pretty much the closest thing I could use when it comes to bringing ideas into reality. In any case, there’s no real significance […]
  • 27/10 - Community Update – October 27th (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Today I decided to change the name of our community as it’s been a desire of mine for a while. Our former name, Harsh Digitality, was more intended as a nod to an old legacy. So it served as a placeholder name until a new one came along. Words have power. Names especially, tend […]
  • 26/10 - Focused Free Write #1 – Two Passions (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro In a previous post, https://beyondigitality.com/sd-image-set-10-painter-and-his-easel/ to be exact, I talked a little about “two passions” that I combined in order to form this site. I do have quite a few more passions asides from the one that I’m about to talk about right now. Those can be explored much later on through more posts […]
  • 26/10 - October 26, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Well, I wonder how I’m going to write this post about the passions I mentioned the other day. I imagine that it could end up being a long essay. I could also end up simply writing a few small blocks of text. Only time will really tell how it’ll work out in the end. […]
  • 26/10 - SD Image Set #10 – Painter and His Easel (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro First thing to get out of the way is this, all images generated through stable diffusion for Harsh digitality will be branded with our watermark! If you’d like to help spread brand awareness then feel free to use any of our images. As annoying as it may be, I feel that this is a […]
  • 25/10 - October 25th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Intro Hmm, I just realized that I completely forgot to make a stable diffusion post the other day. Should I double up and make two posts today? Maybe, maybe not. One of these days I should find out how the website looks through the eyes of a user-level account. Maybe I’ll be able to find […]
  • 24/10 - October 24th, 2022 – Another Day (0) (Categorized, Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I don’t know what I’m particularly after when it comes to writing this post. Honestly speaking though, I think when it comes to posts like these, I won’t really be after anything, at least not consciously so. My only intentions are to let my thoughts flow freely onto the page, and publishing whatever comes out […]
  • 23/10 - SD Image Set # 9 – The Matrix (0) (Categorized) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    First thing that came to mind when looking at these images, ‘creepy.’ It’s as if a layer of surrealism was slapped on top of Neo & Trinity. And I’ve gotta admit, I’m usually a fan of surrealist paintings. But this one is just straight up unnerving to look at. It is what it is though, […]
  • 22/10 - SD Image Set #8 – Life is a Dream (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Not gonna lie, I had bigger expectations, at the same time though, this is fine. I’m mostly referring to the images with clouds in their paintings though. I don’t really have much to say otherwise to be frank. Yeah I think I’ll just keep this post short and sweet. Enjoy these pictures!
  • 21/10 - An Essay on Accountability – Part 5 (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Wow, we’re almost there, almost: Beginning Accountability creates an environment of trust and mutual respect, which are essential ingredients for personal courage. Individuals who are accountable to others are more likely to be courageous because they know that someone is counting on them. They also know that they will be held accountable for their actions, […]
  • 21/10 - An Essay on Accountability – Part 4 (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Well, we’re almost there, what can I say? Good luck. Beginning Secondly, it allows commanders to identify issues and correct them quickly. Finally, it builds trust between Soldiers and their leaders. Selfless service is the cornerstone of the Army values. It means putting the needs of the Nation, the Army, and your comrades-in-arms before your […]
  • 21/10 - An Essay on Accountability – Part 3 (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Man, I’ve gotta admit, I’m getting tired just doing this! If you’ve already made it this far then I applaud you, but we’re probably only halfway done. Beginning Accountability also promotes unity within the ranks. When everyone is held accountable for their actions, it ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal. This sense […]
  • 21/10 - An Essay on Accountability – Part 2 (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Here comes the 2nd part of the essay, good luck! Beginning All soldiers are required to maintain accountability for their equipment, weapons, and ammunition. Leaders are also responsible for maintaining the accountability of their subordinates. Accountability is a critical part of military operations and helps to ensure that missions are completed successfully. It also allows […]
  • 21/10 - An Essay on Accountability – Part 1 (0) (Composition, Miscellaneous, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I was tasked with writing an essay on why accountability is important to the United States Army. The essay was mindboggling long and I decided that there is no way I’m not posting this entire essay. A lot of “effort” when into producing nothing but fluff, so it’s an art to appreciate. If you even […]
  • 21/10 - just another song written about love (0) (Categorized, Music) (by kat)
    Beginning What is “home”? I’ve always struggled with the concept. In denotation, it is stated that home is a place of permanent residence. According to poet Robert Frost, “Home is the place that, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” But what of those of us that do not have […]
  • 20/10 - The Sentient AI Chatbot (0) (Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    source1: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-63301146 I’ve always been a bit piqued by LaMDA, also known as, Language Model for Dialogue Applications. When I first read about it, I believe that one of its engineers was claiming that it was sentient. Looking back on it now, apparently the guy was part of the ethics team as well. It’s a […]
  • 20/10 - October 19th 2022 – A New Dawn (0) (Composition, Philosophy, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Part 1 All my life I’ve drifted. I’ve drifted from place to place, function to function, and time to time. My few loved ones and I have always been the only constants, that and Change itself. After I “grew” out of childhood dreams, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure about what […]
  • 19/10 - Whole Site Revamp – Part 2 (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Well it looks like I’m done for the time being. I’m quite satisfied with all the progress that’s been made thus far and I think I can calm down on updating site functionality and aesthetics for now. I have to say though, this won’t mean that I’ll stop updating per se. It’s more that any […]
  • 18/10 - SD Image Set 7 – Stable Diffusion (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Critique Man, that’s crazy, I’ve already done one whole week’s worth of Stable diffusion images, I’m glad to have come this far, and I’m glad to have all of you by my side while doing this. Just remember that we’re only getting started, our website and community will definitely grow and become better over time! […]
  • 16/10 - SD Image Set 6 – Midnight Stars (0) (AI Generated Images, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    There’s just something about them, stars I mean. One natural phenomenon that I love more than clouds are stars. The Sun just happens to be the closest star available, and we thrive off of it. The entirety of our human history, both the good and the bad, all happened under the Sun. If the Sun […]
  • 16/10 - Whole Site Revamp Part 1 (0) (Community Updates, Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Wow, as of now it’s officially 10:32 PM. I’m pretty sure I woke up around 5:30ish AM and have been working on the site the whole time. I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty proud with my work so far. I’ve done quite a bit of debugging and decluttering of integrations, files, and plugins. Site is […]
  • 14/10 - Neural Networks Becoming More Accessible (0) (Tech News) (Machine learning, Neural network, Stable diffusion, Tech news, Technology) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/industry-articles/increasing-the-accessibility-of-machine-learning-at-the-edge/ First off I’d like to start with an apology for not updating last night. So to make up for it I’m creating a post during my lunch time, that should be pretty fair I’d say. In any case, there wasn’t a post last night because I was too focused on working on a chatbot […]
  • 14/10 - SD Image Set 5 – Harmonious Universe (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I take one look at these images and the only thing I can think is, “these pictures don’t seem harmonious to me whatsoever!” Indeed, at least to my eyes, everything seems so disorganized, chaotic, and random, in all the pictures. I think this is the first time where a set of images all shared a […]
  • 13/10 - The Future of Artificial Intelligence (0) (Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    source1: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/why-ai-will-never-rule-the-world/ source2: https://www.vice.com/en/article/93aqep/google-deepmind-researcher-co-authors-paper-saying-ai-will-eliminate-humanity It’s always quite fun reading wild speculations about both the nature and the possible future involving AI (Artificial Intelligence). I actually think that nowadays, the more properly accurate term is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence. In any case, on one side of the equation we have the perspective that we are severely […]
  • 13/10 - SD Image Set 4 – Harsh Digitality (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Unfortunately (for me) this time around this set of images seems to be more or less mundane. It’s sad since I was expecting some pretty epic aesthetics that any person would probably think of when they hear the words, “harsh digitality.” Maybe it’s just me but I was definitely thinking of some sort of digital […]
  • 12/10 - Working in Virtual Reality (0) (Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Source1: https://techcrunch.com/2022/10/11/meta-wants-you-to-drop-1499-on-a-headset-to-go-to-work/ With the way trends are looking, I wonder if most, or all, work will end up as remote/virtual work. Thinking back on my previous article ( https://beyondigitality.com/optimus-versus-atlas-a-closer-look/ for reference) it’s just starting to seem that not only is it possible to have decent and relatively inexpensive general-purpose robots within the next 10 to […]
  • 12/10 - SD Image Set 3 – Infinite void (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    I’ve decided that for now on instead I’ll be showing a batch of the first 5 generated images per prompt. I believe that this would make room for many more interpretations into the visualizations of these prompts instead of me just handpicking a single image that I think looks aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I […]
  • 10/10 - Optimus versus Atlas – A Closer Look (1) (Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Source1: https://www.tmz.com/2022/10/01/tesla-humanoid-robot-mocked-comparisons-boston-dynamics/ Source2: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/325911-boston-dynamics-atlas-robot-ups-its-parkour-game I’m pretty late in writing this post but better late than never I’d say! Looking at it on a first impression, it seems pretty obvious to anyone that Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robot simply takes the cake here1. But we should definitely take a step back and look at the entire picture […]
  • 10/10 - Stable Diffusion Image 2 – Digital God (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Well according to my computer, this image is an accurate representation of what a “Digital God” looks like. My first impression is that I kind of feel like I’m looking at an anthropomorphic lightbulb, and the corona that the figure emanates doesn’t help its case. Honestly though, thinking about it now, electricity is the power […]
  • 10/10 - Harsh Digitality’s Intro Video (0) (Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    It’s been a while since I last put together a video, and I’m pretty satisfied with the work that I produced today. I hope you’re able to enjoy it! Until a better video comes along, this will definitely serve as the welcoming video on the landing page.
  • 09/10 - Affordable Space Travel (0) (Tech News) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    https://www.axios.com/local/phoenix/2022/10/05/tucson-company-plans-tourists-leisurely-space-trips-2024 $50,000 for a seat to the stratosphere, that’s actually not that bad of a deal, especially since the space travel industry is still only in its infancy. Given enough time, maybe even 10 years later, we could definitely expect the price to drop. I definitely wouldn’t feel surprised to see tickets going on for […]
  • 09/10 - SD Image 1 – Lion of the North (0) (AI Generated Images) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    It’s pretty nice seeing that stable diffusion is becoming increasingly available to anyone who’s willing to experiment with the technology. Me personally, I’ve always had a pretty imaginative mind but not the capacity to express it through paintings or drawings. With stable diffusion however, it looks like I can somewhat overcome this handicap and start […]
  • 08/10 - Yet Another Site Update 2 (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    It’s been quite a busy few days, I think I’m ready to write another one of these posts. I managed to fix up some backend issues of the site. It’s pretty good to see everything being a lot more organized compared to what I’ve been used. On another note, I’ve decided to create a more […]
  • 07/10 - October 7th, 2022 – A Post (0) (Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Writing a book is quite the tedious process, at least for me it is. I’m still waiting for the day when a device comes out that could transcribe each and every thought that comes to mind. There have been several moments in time where I would think of things I’d like to write down into […]
  • 06/10 - Yet Another Site Update 1 (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Actually surprised to see about 100 unique visitors check out this website within the last couple of days, I was more expecting slow & steady growth but hey, we’ll continue progressing with our work regardless of what’s on our plate. Other than that, there’s been some inactivity, mostly since I’ve managed to encounter a few […]
  • 01/10 - For the Living (0) (Gustav) (by Gus)
  • 01/10 - October 1st, 2022 – Another Post (0) (Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    Just updated the site and made it more friendly for mobile users so that’s pretty good. I always loved writing, I suppose that for now I’ll just use this site as a sort of “infinite book” that’s constantly updated. Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me. I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to grow […]
  • 25/09 - Basic Introductions – Hello World! (0) (Stargazer) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    First post ever and I’m not quite sure what I want to say, I guess I could start with introducing myself but I think I’ll just go ahead and continue writing whatever comes to mind. My name is Andrew and I was born as an American citizen in 1996 on this pale blue dot we […]
  • 25/09 - Link Established to Discord (0) (Community Updates) (by Amadeus Stargazer)
    It finally happened, I stopped being lazy for this small moment and finally decided to get to finishing up on the rough draft of this website. Now that it’s looking a bit more polished I’m ready to link Harsh Digitality to my own community, Pneumata Animarum. September 25th, 2022 marks the day that this happened. […]
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