Android Push Notification Tutorial

Intro Sorry for the annoyances, testing out the notification delivery system. Turns out that app users weren’t receiving notifications! Hopefully this fixes the issue but we’ll see! I’m starting to think that maybe app users were getting notifications this entire time but the web push notifications may or may not be interfering. So I conducted […]

Countries of the World!

Synopsis I mean, it can’t get any more self-explanatory I think. This post compiles every single country in the world (accurate as of 2020) into an alphabetized list. I’m also adding Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as regions to consider. This list would most likely be useful for anyone who needs it for targeting […]

Archlinux on Virtualbox Installation

Intro Hey guys! For anyone who’s interested I’ve written up a quick, compiled tutorial. I hope this guide will make all your lives easier! As the title already says, we will be installing Archlinux on Virtualbox. This information is accurate as of November 21st, 2022. Tutorial If anyone’s interested in playing around with Archlinux on […]

Tutorial – Optimization of Page Speed

Intro These numbers definitely don’t lie, I’ve been optimizing my website for over a month now and it looks like I can finally rest. Thus, I’m going to tell you all exactly what I did to finally achieve good optimization despite all the junk that I have on my site! Of course though, before I […]