December 2nd, 2022 – A Short Post

The Post I’ll be frank with you all. I’m pretty darn tired. It’s for a good purpose though! After studying a platform and its competitors for several days, I crafted a review! Maybe you will see it, maybe you won’t, it really depends on what content delivery network you use. Yeah I couldn’t help myself […]

The Sentient AI Chatbot

source1: I’ve always been a bit piqued by LaMDA, also known as, Language Model for Dialogue Applications. When I first read about it, I believe that one of its engineers was claiming that it was sentient. Looking back on it now, apparently the guy was part of the ethics team as well. It’s a […]

Neural Networks Becoming More Accessible First off I’d like to start with an apology for not updating last night. So to make up for it I’m creating a post during my lunch time, that should be pretty fair I’d say. In any case, there wasn’t a post last night because I was too focused on working on a chatbot […]

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

source1: source2: It’s always quite fun reading wild speculations about both the nature and the possible future involving AI (Artificial Intelligence). I actually think that nowadays, the more properly accurate term is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence. In any case, on one side of the equation we have the perspective that we are severely […]

Working in Virtual Reality

Source1: With the way trends are looking, I wonder if most, or all, work will end up as remote/virtual work. Thinking back on my previous article ( for reference) it’s just starting to seem that not only is it possible to have decent and relatively inexpensive general-purpose robots within the next 10 to […]

Optimus versus Atlas – A Closer Look

Source1: Source2: I’m pretty late in writing this post but better late than never I’d say! Looking at it on a first impression, it seems pretty obvious to anyone that Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robot simply takes the cake here1. But we should definitely take a step back and look at the entire picture […]

Affordable Space Travel $50,000 for a seat to the stratosphere, that’s actually not that bad of a deal, especially since the space travel industry is still only in its infancy. Given enough time, maybe even 10 years later, we could definitely expect the price to drop. I definitely wouldn’t feel surprised to see tickets going on for […]