The Dragon & The Demon Lord (2/2)

You will suffer the consequences of your foolish decision!” Zalthar stood his ground, his body tense and ready for battle. “I have had enough of destruction and despair. I may have once been a terror, but I refuse to become a pawn in your wicked schemes!” With a roar of rage, Xantheron launched himself at […]

The Dragon & The Demon Lord (1/2)

Once upon a time in the land of Dreathor, a land shrouded in darkness, the Demon Lord Xantheron ruled with an iron fist. His sinister realm was a place where shadows crept, and the air itself seemed to be filled with malice. Xantheron, known for his ruthless cruelty, was a tall figure with piercing red […]

The Stargazer Legacy – Chapter 0

Part I “Is it really time to awaken?” He seemed curious as he talked to the author. I responded back to my imagination in kind, “I believe so.” “Figures,” he chuckled, “that was quite the epic scene you suddenly dreamt up, seems like we finally escaped Existence itself, but to be frank I’m still confused […]

Stargazer’s Spiffy Short Story #2

Author’s Notes Unfortunately there are no more short story prompts at the current moment. This will be it for a while until then! Short Story Part I I stared blankly at the email for a good 10 seconds before breaking into a slow blink. I refreshed and restarted the browser and still, it was there. […]

Stargazer’s Spiffy Short Story #1

Author’s Notes A good acquaintance of mine has started giving her community writing prompts. I like the prompts that she’s given us so far so I’m creating a short story category to post my responses to her prompts. If you’d like to check out her wonderful community then here you go! In any case, I […]