SD Image Set #19 – Digital Singularity

Critique Back at it again with another set of stable diffused images. I’ve gotta say though, this isn’t what I imagined the singularity would look like. If you don’t know much about it, the technological singularity is a subject with a lot of optimism behind it. That image is one such example of how it […]

SD Image Set #18 – ARHCU

Critique Yeah that’s quite a mouthful, that’s why I prefer ARHCU. Speaking of which, I realized that Beyond Digitality is quite a mouthful to say as well. I’m looking forward to how people decide to shorthand it in the future. BeDi? BeeDee? Bdity? There’s a bunch of different options to choose from, here’s to hoping […]

SD Image Set #17 – Digital Gadfly

Intro In a previous post I’ve talked about how Beyond Digitality could inevitably become seen as humanity’s digital gadfly. While that would only be one of our several functions, it is a position that I would undoubtedly welcome with open arms. There are a lot of different big media sites floating out there. Most have […]

SD Image Set #15 – Gods & Demons

Intro My mind is blank right now, and saying that usually reboots my thoughts. Today has been a pretty hectic day I feel, but writing these posts helps quite a bit I have to admit. In any case, this time around we have a classic Gods vs Demons trope going on for this image set. […]

SD Image Set #14 – Beyond Digitality

Critique Decided to give the prompt of “Beyond Digitality” and I’ve gotta say, it’s interesting. I’m both impressed and creeped out so that’s definitely funny. I’m impressed with how coincidental it is that our world is represented as a part of Beyond Digitality. At the same time, I’m also creeped out with that coincidence. It’s […]

SD Image Set #13 – Realm of Imagination

Welcome to the realm of imagination! Everything and anything is possible here, all it requires is a bit of imagination! In all seriousness though, it’s interesting that the generator more-or-less thought of medieval fantasy as a proper representation. What exactly is imagination anyhow? Well the way I think about it, Imagination can be simplified as […]

SD Image Set #12 – SASS

Intro To be frank with you all, this is not quite what I was hoping for. Regardless, the images were rendered beautifully, there is no doubt about it. I have always held a romantic notion of space, considered to be the final frontier. I’m sure that, realistically speaking however, outer space is not too big […]

SD Image Set #10 – Painter and His Easel

Intro First thing to get out of the way is this, all images generated through stable diffusion for Harsh digitality will be branded with our watermark! If you’d like to help spread brand awareness then feel free to use any of our images. As annoying as it may be, I feel that this is a […]

SD Image Set #8 – Life is a Dream

Not gonna lie, I had bigger expectations, at the same time though, this is fine. I’m mostly referring to the images with clouds in their paintings though. I don’t really have much to say otherwise to be frank. Yeah I think I’ll just keep this post short and sweet. Enjoy these pictures!

SD Image Set 7 – Stable Diffusion

Critique Man, that’s crazy, I’ve already done one whole week’s worth of Stable diffusion images, I’m glad to have come this far, and I’m glad to have all of you by my side while doing this. Just remember that we’re only getting started, our website and community will definitely grow and become better over time! […]