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      Just the title.

      I just read my own writing ha

      Im always starting like 10 books at once, unfortunately. I’ve been very slowly reading the broom of the system by David Foster Wallace, which is funny, and quite engaging, but has the frustratingly common postmodern theme of being about its own telling or narration. But there are enough other themes and good humor and good characters that I’m still interested in it.

      Mostly reading textbooks and wiki pages for now. Dry stuff. And I haven’t had the attention span to follow a TV show for a while, either. Can’t sit still and pay attention.

      addendum: writing a forum post is so alien to me now and nerve wracking, but I miss the forum culture of the 2000s. Forums seem to have been replaced with reddit, which I spit on. Democratized garbage mess of a place.

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      Amadeus Stargazer

      I agree with your comment regarding Reddit. To be frank I never really saw it as a “forum.” It’s merely a popularity contest where dissenting/divergent voices are silenced in favor of an overwhelming majority of whatever “feels good.”

      And so unfortunately, any real discussion is ultimately stifled in favor of protecting whatever values already precedent in the community.

      At least here, the only posts that are deleted are the ones that have genuine intention to harm the community and have absolutely nothing to offer to the table (spam, illegal content such as doxxing, cp, etc.)

      Other than that though, I’m reading The Ego And Its Own by Max Stirner. It’s a book that I’ve been putting off for a decade now, and thankfully I did. I wouldn’t have understood the contents back then as well as I do now. I will be posting responses to the book in the blog soon.

      I recommend it.

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