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      Amadeus Stargazer

      Well it seems like more and more people are coming here nowadays. For anyone who feels up to it, why don’t you introduce yourself to the rest of us? Stuff like your aspirations, hobbies, values, or even expressing one of your favorite jokes or riddles are all good places to start.

      I’ll start off with a riddle I heard from somebody the other day. “What’s the richest fish in the sea? The goldfish.”

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      C.S Gitthens

      My name is C.S. Gitthens, and I am a Computer Science major at a local college seeking to transfer to a four-year university of California. My aspirations include furthering the field of theoretical computer science, and mathematical logic; maybe even becoming a writer, or educational YouTuber while I’m at it. When it comes to my values in philosophy I have an anti-realist attitude to all philosophical subjects, and when it comes to my moral values I see myself as pretty decent in the sense that I try my hardest not to hurt others; I help them grow. Now to list my likes: Anime, Coding, Mathematical logic, Philo of math and logic, Philo of language, games, Hatsune Miku, debate, and metal .

      My favorite quote of all time would have to be:

      “Often, a few well-chosen words
      are worth a thousand pictures.”

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