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C.S Gitthens

My name is C.S. Gitthens, and I am a Computer Science major at a local college seeking to transfer to a four-year university of California. My aspirations include furthering the field of theoretical computer science, and mathematical logic; maybe even becoming a writer, or educational YouTuber while I’m at it. When it comes to my values in philosophy I have an anti-realist attitude to all philosophical subjects, and when it comes to my moral values I see myself as pretty decent in the sense that I try my hardest not to hurt others; I help them grow. Now to list my likes: Anime, Coding, Mathematical logic, Philo of math and logic, Philo of language, games, Hatsune Miku, debate, and metal .

My favorite quote of all time would have to be:

“Often, a few well-chosen words
are worth a thousand pictures.”