Sorry for the annoyances, testing out the notification delivery system. Turns out that app users weren’t receiving notifications! Hopefully this fixes the issue but we’ll see!

I’m starting to think that maybe app users were getting notifications this entire time but the web push notifications may or may not be interfering.

So I conducted further tests, the issue that I’m having is that when I publish my posts, clicking on the notification sends me to the website and not the application. When I conduct test notifications straight from the dashboard however, I click on the notification and get sent into the application, and that’s what I want.

I know I said that I will delete this post, but instead I’ll probably turn it into tutorial/documentation for people running into this same issue. I am currently awaiting a response from the OneSignal team so that I can continue this process.

Therefore, this post will be continually updated & revised with more accurate understanding and clarified explanations as time marches on.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer


Alright, I am starting to think that this may or may not be a WordPress issue or plugin issue, maybe even both! I blocked notifications from both my Brave browser and google chrome on my phone. Lo and behold I received a notification from my app, so it does work! Now the issue is, however, that the application’s notification still sent me to my brave browser. That’s pretty weird, huh?

I’m going to see what’ll it take to fix it. Until then however, we’re going to have to wait for a response.

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