“Lost ones”

yet another OST of “beyond”(currently unreleased work) that may be considered a DEMO. unused or a future reference, aleronii does not know.

freezing ethereal and floaty lonely feelings, two droplets of one that can feel the other’s presence,but cannot see. something that feels like an eternal boundless sleep separated from everyone and yourself.got distracted after remembering about my ideas in fl studio mobile , so instead of continuing to work on my older projects, i jumped into this and experimented lots, since I’m still a barebones beginner, but ale is seeing growthhh

my older tracks are mostly on SoundCloud,but i might post them here(actually i will.)

“coral snow” – my first finished work as well. a slowly fading into darkness mood. snow and the night sky, the trees and your tired body laying in the coral snow, breaks are good too you knoww. it gives the vibes of the old moomins anime winter ost, which i like a lot.
“cozy gone coral” – a different take of the same tune( the tune originated from a character who’s name also happens to be “coral”, from their theme), cozy home, but something is uneasy, maybe you should go check out just in case?
“The Greatest Battle/Collab” – first collaboration with a friend, people told me about it’s rpg battle aesthetic, which i found awesome. lol i don’t have anymore to say now, im having a new experience, fun timesss hoorayyy

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