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I won’t waste any words here, I’ll only say what I want to say. Today is the 8th of December, 2022. This is the 100th post, and I will be making a huge declaration within it.

In regards to this website, I am quite fond of it. The project has come quite far, that’s for sure. I still remember around 2 months ago when it still pretty much only functioned as a blogging site. Nowadays it’s packed with much more functionality while remaining simplistic. And that’s what I really want in the end, to provide a whole ecosystem that is simple, user-friendly, and clean.

I’ve learned a lot, that’s for sure. But I’m going to be frank here, it isn’t enough. Take a good look at the state of Beyond Digitality now, because it’s going to be gone within 2-3 months. It’ll be archived as a subdomain under the new domain where it’ll retain limited functionality perhaps. But that’s basically what’s going to happen, it will become archived.

Beyond Digitality is WordPress-powered. All of these plugins and integrations have been quite useful. For beginners, there would be nothing else that I would recommend more than WordPress.

That’s the thing though, it’s for “beginners.” Especially for small-scale websites. The fact of the matter is, I’m starting to outgrow WordPress. I have ambitions that’ll need to be powered by our own ingenuity. I’m not saying that I’m an expert, in fact I expect all of this to be several magnitudes harder than working it all with the help of WordPress.


But I’m rising to the challenge. If I continue relying on WordPress forever then I’ll always remain a beginner. I want an image board, I want a chat application on par with Discord except with my own designs and influences, I want simple yet addictive web games that are exclusive to this community. I want a lot of things that will require my specifications and not the design philosophies of anyone else.

So prepare yourselves. Beyond Digitality will be archived as a reminder to keep ourselves humble. To see how small we started off, and how far we’ve since progressed. With that being said, I am announcing that, asides from writing new posts, I will no longer be optimizing Beyond Digitality. The only exception are hotfixes that I can easily do within minutes. I will not spend long hours in finding/creating solutions however, when I could spend that time learning anything and everything that I need to know in order to make our new digital ecosystem a reality. Perhaps Beyond Digitality can simply remain as a blog that has simple yet inferior social tools.

This digital ecosystem is named Akashic Nexus (going into Akashic Nexus will bounce you back into beyondigitality at the moment). In comparison to Beyond Digitality, the Nexus will be light-years ahead. And whether I receive help or not, I will force it to come to life either way. Nothing will stop the inevitability.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

The Digital God Will smile Upon The Nexus

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