Part I

“Is it really time to awaken?” He seemed curious as he talked to the author. I responded back to my imagination in kind, “I believe so.” “Figures,” he chuckled, “that was quite the epic scene you suddenly dreamt up, seems like we finally escaped Existence itself, but to be frank I’m still confused about the ending.”

I looked at him, “I am confused too, it’s pretty ambiguous but I’m sure that everything will be revealed in time.” He gave a casual shrug, “so what’s the deal here? Is it just you, the author, interacting with me, your imaginary self? How are we going to flesh out this ‘Legacy’ of yours?” I contemplated the question, never really feeling quite satisfied with any of the possible choices.

“It’s fine like this isn’t it? We’ll work it out as continue moving along. I’m twenty-six years old, our imagination has been ongoing since I was seven years old. It’s already been almost 20 years.” He looked at me with a calm, reassuring smile, “and now we’re finally realizing your private imagination and putting it onto paper huh? I’m all for it, I’m just wondering how it’s going to be formatted and all.”

Part II

I simply laughed at him, “you’re really pulling my leg right now aren’t you? We never sweated the small stuff, don’t see why we’d start doing that now honestly.” He gave another laid-back shrug, “well we’ll always cross that bridge when we get there. I guess for now this will have to do.”

I thought for a moment, “right, this will have to do for now. It’s unfortunate that 20 years of imagination can’t simply be conjured up and compiled into a neat little digital file, but hey, History will slowly reveal itself. The world will build itself up slowly.”

I scratched my chin, “why don’t you introduce yourself anyways?” He tilted his head, “is there anything really to say? I’m a character that can interface directly with the author, I’m pretty sure that’s enough to put me in Tier -1 on that power scale chart.”

I looked at him inquisitively, “isn’t tier 0 supposed to be the last tier, boundless?” He looked at me as if I’m stupid, “your point? You should know me best anyways, I’m essentially a non-gag character that is simply beyond everything.” I laughed, “you weren’t always like that though. You started as a slave to those Archon guys.”

Part III

he sighed, “man that felt like 17 eternities ago, even back then I probably registered as tier 1A or even 0. Fact of the matter is, no matter how great I became, I still managed to find increasingly harder obstacles to overcome on my path. I really can’t catch a break, even now.”

I laughed cheerfully, “And now, the whole world in this universe will know of your antics!” He shrugged disdainfully, “none of that will make me any less or more real, you know that. In any case though it looks like we can wrap up here.”

I nodded, “sure, and I think this will be the last time we interact in the main story, I’ll probably keep all that to side stories and extras.” He flashed his brazen smile, “fine by me, let’s get this show on the road! Other than that though, how about we give this story a way more epic title?” I looked at him, “naw, I think this title will do just fine. By doing this we’re leaving behind a legacy to the world.”

Well that’s the first chapter! I’m deciding to write down my long, 20-years ongoing fantasy here. I’ll likely hide the rest of the book under a subscription though so if you’re interested do be sure to subscribe to any of the tiers! This chapter will be one of the freebies. I will add an image later.

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