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2nd Writing Prompt

Unfortunately there are no more short story prompts at the current moment. This will be it for a while until then!

Short Story Part I

I stared blankly at the email for a good 10 seconds before breaking into a slow blink. I refreshed and restarted the browser and still, it was there. “Impossible” I muttered under my shaken breath. I checked the timestamps but there it was.. Not even a second apart from each other. I sent an email as a sort of digital time capsule, explaining how I generally felt and how I was generally doing.

I intended this to be a sort of “marker” for where I was now, but mostly to remind myself and to keep humble in the future. After all, I had no doubt in my mind that I would be living a completely different and better life 10 years from now. Regardless though, I’ve had an extremely meek background, and it would bode me well to remember that.

But… There it was, an email informing me that I was already retired with riches to last my entire family & friends several lifetimes. Yet that I’ve managed to keep my family humble, raising them in a lifestyle where there was no need for worrying about whether we’d eat or pay the bills on time, but was still challenging enough to keep us freshly alive… There was even an image of me reading Aesop’s Fables to two children.

Short Story Part II

‘This can’t be happening’ my mind screamed in shock. I couldn’t even register the possibility that this was a reverse time capsule. I was instead too worried over the idea that I was being stalked to great extents, otherwise all this information wouldn’t be possible.

‘unless perhaps it’s a colleague pranking me and all of this is AI-generated…’ I started to muse, my thumb sliding over the rough stubble on my chin… I started calming down slowly, ‘I will save this email as an auspicious sign of good times to come,’ I thought to myself before archiving the email.

I looked up and stared off into the distance for a small bit, ‘it sure is interesting to see that even though the world around me changed, it looks as if I’ve barely changed at all.. oh well, back to work!’


And that was the 2nd short story of the SSSS series, Stargazer’s Spiffy Short Stories. Looking forward to the next one!

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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