In this post I go over my future plans. Other than that I’m also happy to announce the ending of November.


Sheesh, all that’s left is December now. As I grow older the concept of time passing by quickly becomes less and less of a foreign concept. I remember how a simple school year felt like such a long time to me. Nowadays it simply feels as if time is slipping like sand through my fingers. This is probably due to the fact that there’s so much that takes up my time nowadays.

It’s a part of adulthood that, during my brief moments of clarity, I wonder about. I’ve always been quite a laid-back person after all, so my natural inclination is to simply maximize leisure time. It’s when you enjoy the time you’re spending, however, that it is spent quickly. Time spent in misery, on the other hand, is quite slow.

How great would it be if it were the opposite? Unfortunately it won’t be the case until it becomes the case.


Now, what do I have in store for everyone? Well, I’m deciding to be a hypocrite for starters. I’m biting the bullet and releasing an iOS and Mac application soon. In the end, I’ve decided to put my bias against Apple to the side and attempt to tap into that demographic. Unfortunately, in the United States alone, about half of all smartphone users are iPhone users. Pretty sad, I know, maybe we can save them from Apple haha.

But seriously, I intend to attract as many decent people onto this platform as possible. If this is one thing that has to be done, then it simply has to be done. In any case, on a more important note, I’ve come to a decision.

I will be creating a page, dedicating it as a library of sorts. This digital archive will contain all the recommended readings of a few select people that I highly respect. As a result, this library will be highly biased towards our tastes. Whether you believe that you can benefit from our recommendations or not will be up to you.

I will post my 2nd short story shortly after this post, thank you all for tuning in once again. Let’s continue striving for a better tomorrow.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Post Script Section

P.S. – Regarding the philosophical responses, I am currently compiling them for daily release. It will be quite a long series that’s for sure. On another note, enjoy this response to the inquiry:

 "Are you afraid of being alone with yourself— this includes sitting in silence/no mind stimulation? If so, do you know what exactly you fear?"

Fearing loneliness is akin to fearing oneself.

A person that can enjoy his own company is a person that is whole unto himself. The new issue is now the reverse, finding a willingness to share his time and company. It takes a certain level of fondness for other people to be willing to spend time with them when you can be alone instead.
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