Blinding tune of sand

tune that will carry joy and horror. the past of loss, war and dying friendships, the long after of a few sparkling joy with their littlest moments. could indeed guess..someone felt something to continue creating, it might be for the sake of creating to certain extent, many reasons, many that are too difficult to showcase […]

100th Post – A Declaration

The Post I won’t waste any words here, I’ll only say what I want to say. Today is the 8th of December, 2022. This is the 100th post, and I will be making a huge declaration within it. In regards to this website, I am quite fond of it. The project has come quite far, […]

few a more ALE and a bit of lore

yet another OST of “beyond”(currently unreleased work) that may be considered a DEMO. unused or a future reference, aleronii does not know. freezing ethereal and floaty lonely feelings, two droplets of one that can feel the other’s presence,but cannot see. something that feels like an eternal boundless sleep separated from everyone and distracted after […]

recursion 1

The analyst on the couch looked at me, her eyes appearing dull but piercing my thoughts. I sit in the arm chair, making observations. She hands me the pipe, I puff it. I give it back. I can still hear the woman in the other room, talking my ear off. I actively listen to her, […]

Android Push Notification Tutorial

Intro Sorry for the annoyances, testing out the notification delivery system. Turns out that app users weren’t receiving notifications! Hopefully this fixes the issue but we’ll see! I’m starting to think that maybe app users were getting notifications this entire time but the web push notifications may or may not be interfering. So I conducted […]

News Reaction: The Degrading USA

Author’s Notes source: Why the U.S.A. Is Collapsing: The Coming Economic Crisis Let’s be frank here, the current mainstream “News” (if you could even call it that) is pretty much a joke. It’s to the point that even a non-journalist like me could whip up something superior. Personally, I stopped watching television news as an […]

The Stargazer Legacy – Chapter 0

Part I “Is it really time to awaken?” He seemed curious as he talked to the author. I responded back to my imagination in kind, “I believe so.” “Figures,” he chuckled, “that was quite the epic scene you suddenly dreamt up, seems like we finally escaped Existence itself, but to be frank I’m still confused […]

December 6, 2022 – Another Day

Synopsis Andrew talks about feeling stuck in limbo. Otherwise he mostly talks about other miscellaneous things. Intro Man, oh man. I’ve gotta admit we’ve definitely come pretty far. A majority of people still seem to prefer sitting on the sidelines unfortunately. I’m definitely looking forward to the day that you all start interacting in the […]

Philosophical Reflection – TEAIO Part II

Author’s Notes Source Material – The Ego And It’s Own Pages Covered – 17 Already on Part II, so far so good. From here on out I’m going to have to actually develop my responses at the same time I’m posting. Part I and Part II involve responses that were written out on Discord. The […]

Philosophical Reflections – TEAIO Part I

Author’s Notes Source Material – The Ego And Its Own Pages Covered – Page 11 Well this is it, I’m finally starting on my series of philosophical reflections on whatever I read. This is how the format will be like for now on, by the way. Every post will have “Philosophical Reflections” in the title […]