Today has been quite the wonderful day. I’ve received nothing but good news as soon as I woke up. The ironic part is, it’s my older brother’s birthday today. One would think that this amount of good news would come on more auspicious days. I’m not complaining though. First of all, it looks like our website is now officially a part of the Google adsense network. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting it at all, or even this early. Either way though, I’m happy about it and I’m looking forward to making it work. I’ve already spent a few hours optimizing it all.

Now, the more exciting part of my day is in finally getting the opportunity to guest blog! I’ve recently joined a community that has the vision of bringing together like-minded website owners to interact with one another. I even had a good conversation with the website owner, Sergio Rubio. If you are a website owner, I definitely do recommend joining the community. After all, there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

In any case, the website that I am currently working with now is this lovely AI image gallery. I will be creating suitable content for them to use, it’ll definitely be helpful for building ourselves up so that everyone wins. Oh yeah, did I also mention that I got a day off from work today? I’m telling you, it’s been great!


Other than all that, I’ve done quite a bit of site optimization as well. I’ve made our social network more user-friendly too so definitely check that out sometime. Apologies for sounding like a robot by the way, I’ve been too distracted by everything else so I’ve actually spent over two hours writing out this post haha.

I do want to say to be on the lookout for a philosophical series of reactions to a famous work though! It’ll definitely be some good food for thought that’s for sure. I’m sure those upcoming posts will makeup for the dryness of this one, sorry again! Last but not least, a great piece of news; there’s a good chance that a decent friend of mine will come onboard to become an author on this platform! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that happen sooner or later.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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