Well, it finally happened. Just the other day my app became part of the google play store. As promised I delivered, linking both the android version and windows version of the application. I still haven’t written that news reaction though, but I’m confident that I’m going to get to it today.

But man, it’s a pretty good feeling to continue expanding and moving forward I’ve gotta say. I even further consolidated the website and made a few minor design changes & additions. I realized that the multimedia page was pretty redundant since I could just add my Discord server and now-functioning Patreon page as buttons.


So now the question arises, where do I move from here? Well first thing’s first, I want to expand onto other platforms, namely iOS and Linux. Other than that, I’ve picked up a short course over at a code camp website where I’m hoping to now only brush up on skills, but finally develop and progress in my desire to be a decent programmer.

I’ve definitely learned a lot with this multifunctional social media project. And one thing’s for sure, I feel rekindled and ready to get back into it all. I’ve only climbed over a pretty short wall I’m sure, but regardless, it’s a lovely view. I’m going to tackle bigger challenges and obstacles and find ways to integrate my lessons into this website.

For instance, I saw this trailer for istrolid and that simply got me thinking, why don’t I create a decent multiplayer game that I’d like to play? I’ve been updating the site so much though that I think I’ll hold back on that next project until I’ve gained a bit more experience. The website also needs to grow a userbase first before I can even consider a video game!


All in all though, I feel like maybe giving our humble community two or three months’ worth of time to grow before embarking on these next major projects. At least in this moment, the future certainly feels exciting! On a side note, I’m thinking about integrating the Tech News category into the News Reaction category. We’ll see how that goes.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Never Forget, The Lion of The North

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