Digital Singularity


Back at it again with another set of stable diffused images. I’ve gotta say though, this isn’t what I imagined the singularity would look like. If you don’t know much about it, the technological singularity is a subject with a lot of optimism behind it. That image is one such example of how it seems that the singularity is supposed to be seen as the solution to everything that ails us.

But I mean, it makes sense for what it’s worth. Just like how throughout human history there were many predictions of world-ending doom. There were also beliefs in world-saving salvation. The singularity is just one more, modern, example. It’s the antithesis to the Y2k bug in a sense. Both are based in the virtual world after all.

So it’s actually ironic to see that a digital algorithm seems to envision the singularity as being full of despair. Of course though, I’m unfairly basing that opinion on the top left image alone. I admit that but to be frank, just look at it. The singular eye of that individual is vacuous. As if the person has been stripped of all will.

And what is that lurking in the depths of his mind? It looks like an eye peering into his thoughts I guess. So it’s definitely interesting. Whereas humans like to mostly paint the singularity as an awesome thing to look forward to, an algorithm foresees a possible dystopia.


I suppose it’s a warning to all of us willing to listen. Definitely take all of these wishful thoughts and visions with a grain of salt so to say. While the singularity does definitely sound capable of solving most, if not all of our current, materialistic “problems,” it may very as well be ultimately detrimental in the long run as well! That or it’ll simply create new problems and issues to confront.

Well, all that we can do now is look and see what happens. I’m confident that we’ll be able to circumnavigate this issue as we’ve done with every other issue we’ve faced in our long history. Let’s see how it goes!

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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