Man oh man, today has been a pretty wild ride. It’s been quite tedious, but the journey is always worth it when you get to learn a lot! And with the help of a good friend, everything is possible. Now let’s go over what’s changed since there’s definitely enough to warrant a community update.

Well first off I’ve had a VPS (Virtual private Server) that was simply collecting dust. But then I saw a video on creating an Omegle alternative and got a few bright ideas. Using the power of NodeJS, I hosted a version on my virtual private server and attached it to Beyond Digitality as a subdomain.

This is all while dealing with the fact that I’m still more or less sick. I guess I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard for this past month and a half. Limits of the body is finally catching up to the aspirations of the mind sort of deal. Oh well, gotta push through it anyways, right?


It’s really fine though, I’m still doing better than I did yesterday, so recovery is well underway. And ultimately, I’m about eighty to ninety percent done with this project. All that’s left now is adding more of a personal touch to the design of my subdomain and making it easier to use.

For anyone interested in this omegle alternative, check it out here: This will likely be the only functionality that won’t require an account. So it’s definitely an apology gift for me deciding to lock my main content behind a membership system.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing people use this subdomain. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely similar to Omegle back in its heydays without any of the banning and CAPTCHA. I think after I redesign the subdomain a bit more I’ll start advertising it as well in order to fill it with more users.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Friendship Between Souls

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