I encountered an old acquaintance of mine today. We had a pretty good chat catching up in each others’ lives and reminiscing about past experiences. Nostalgia is definitely a bittersweet feeling, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. It was definitely exciting to hear about how much he’s progressed and developed since I’ve last talked to him.

The conversation was profound enough for me to feel inspired to create a post. And so here I am now, once again reflecting upon the idea of friendship. If there is one thing that I’ve always been particularly interested in, it is in friendship, the concept of it. It is a concept that I’ve grappled with all my life, only recently stumbling upon satisfactory answers.

In this day and age, oversocialization is a prominent factor in our western civilization. I bring this up because of the irony. At least in my perspective, I would have believed that it would be easy to both obtain and maintain friendships. Yet the irony is in the fact that noting could be further from the truth of the matter.


I am certainly lucky to have the friends that I have. Most people unfortunately live their lives without ever knowing friendship. It is likely a contributing factor to why more and more people are increasingly feeling lonely and alienated.

Families are already in quite a precarious position and so very few people are able to draw support from that structure. It’s quite unfortunate to see that people cannot draw strength from friendships either. If you ask me personally, it all just seems to be one major recipe for disaster.

I will talk more on this subject another time. For now however, it is enough to understand that friendship is an alien concept in an inhumane society.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Friendship Between Souls

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