I’m going to be frank, I feel like I’ve had a dry spell recently. I haven’t really been coming up with new prompts for the stable diffusion generator. I don’t know what it really is honestly. It could be laziness or it could be boredom. Maybe it’s a combination of both and other factors I’m unaware of.

Maybe it could be that I’m more interested in expressing my thoughts nowadays. Whatever the case may be though, I’ll pretty much only do what I want to do. If I feel like doing mainly freewrites for the time being, then I’ll just do that. If I feel like critiquing some generated artwork or creating opinion pieces another time, I’ll do that.

It’s all about finding my rhythm when it comes to maintaining my blog I suppose. I think that in the end, that’s really mainly what it comes down to. I’m slowly but surely adjusting to what I want to express to the world, and ultimately I’ll make sure that I am satisfied first.


I believe that’s all for now. Last night I decided to look into creating posts from my phone and while it’s a bit tedious, it’s definitely doable. So I’m currently thinking that perhaps I can pump out more posts regarding whatever I want to write about at the time.

I think if I decide to create more than one freewrite post in a single day, the posts will be formatted as AD Pt. II+ and so on. “Another Day Part 2, 3, 4…” however much I feel like writing at the time I guess. For the meantime though, I’m kind of glad to see all of this happening.

It seems like I’m finally settling down and finding a pace I can more or less be consistent with. The anxiety in regards to what I’m going to write about and meeting timelines is slowly disappearing. I think that all that’s left is to keep on persisting and slowly but surely improving on my content at a natural pace.

With time, we will do just fine.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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