Akashic Records of Humanity’s Collective Unconsciousness


Yeah that’s quite a mouthful, that’s why I prefer ARHCU. Speaking of which, I realized that Beyond Digitality is quite a mouthful to say as well. I’m looking forward to how people decide to shorthand it in the future. BeDi? BeeDee? Bdity? There’s a bunch of different options to choose from, here’s to hoping something cool comes out cause I’m not trying to rebrand again so soon, especially with no ideas.

Now that that’s over with, what the heck is this image set exactly? The visual aesthetics are nice, I’ll give it that, I like each single image in the set. There are two concepts that need to be considered for a much fuller appreciation of the set however. The first concept is the Akashic Records

Akashic Records

What exactly are the Akashic records anyways? Well in my humble, oversimplified opinion, the Akashic records are simply a compendium of any and all information that has transpired and will ever transpire. It is the dataset of all datasets, the library of libraries. Any question that you could have should, theoretically, have at least one answer in this cosmic archive.

If I have piqued your curiosity then please feel free to look into it more. Otherwise let us continue with this post. What’s next on the agenda is the collective unconsciousness!

Collective Unconsciousness

What does humanity’s collective unconsciousness look like? It’s definitely quite a subject to contend with, I’ll do my best though. First however, what is unconsciousness? It is supposed to be a state of mind where we are completely unaware of ourselves and our surroundings. A coma is supposed to be the closest that a person can get to being unconscious.

No one would willingly put themselves into a coma though, at least most people wouldn’t. So I think the closest that any person can (normally) get into an unconscious state is through sleep. After all, it is said that sleep is the cousin of death, and death is true unconsciousness, at least from the perspectives of those still alive.

In any case, that should be a general, yet still ambiguous, overview as to what the unconscious state of mind looks like. Now we merely need to expand that and drape it over the whole of humanity. There are thoughts that say that humanity’s collective unconscious can be seen as a superconscious. That maybe the case, I won’t dismiss it. I personally view it a “Humanity’s collective dream” which is inaccurate but comprehensible. It’s essentially tapping into something greater than ourselves, yet still a part of all of us, all while being arguably incomprehensible. That’s basically an oversimplification of how to see it.


In any case, that’s all that I have to say. I’ve been having thoughts lately of sharing some more of my ideals and values sooner or later. I’m definitely looking forward to the day that starts happening. Until next time.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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