A Prelude To A Rant

Boy oh boy, there’s just so much to go over right now. I’ve spent the last 4+ hours hard at work fiddling with code. The result? A functioning password reset system! Of course however, the majority of the issues lied in constant debugging. There’s so much to go over though, a lot of updates are coming our way. I’ll do my best to keep this rant short and coherent.

This post fits a lot of categories, I suppose cause I’m attempting to be efficient by compiling a few different posts into just one post. Hence this counts as both a freewrite and a community update (even though I technically write informally in all of my posts thus far). That’s just how it has to be though, so strap in and let’s get this show started.

Part 1

So first thing’s first, I decided to dig deep into the site’s crevices. It’s like doing a deep spring cleaning in your house I guess, cleaning all the hard-to-clean and annoying spots that we usually avoid on a daily, if not weekly, routine. I haven’t really changed site aesthetics but I made sure to make things look neater and more presentable.

Why? It’s cause we’re becoming an app soon! I mean technically we can already be considered an application since I’ve managed to transform this website into an application. I will talk about that short and sweet process in another post so don’t worry. That reminds me though, I haven’t created the post follow up regarding the LiteSpeed warning banner because I haven’t found a way to remove it! Turns out the bugger is harder to remove than expected, I’ll probably devote resources to fixing it soon.

But anyways! I currently already converted this website into an APK file. So that’s right, this website is hitting Google Play stores sooner or later as a mobile application next! I know I’ve devoted quite a bit of time into making this site mobile friendly so we should be pretty good on that end. Other than that, I’ve already mentioned spending time on making the website look cleaner for the application.


Man i’ve gotta say, just from writing this post out, I’ve already thought up like 3 or 4 new ideas for posts. Unfortunately I just tried to list them but already forgot them. I’m not worried though, they’ll come back to me sooner or later. Regarding the desktop application, I’ll create a download link for it and post it on the homepage alongside the mobile application. I intend to release them both at once. Unfortunately the desktop application will be Windows only until I get off my lazy ass and create distributions for Linux and Mac.

In any case, this weekend has been highly productive, that’s for sure! I think I’ll go ahead and continue finishing up my mobile app application. I know I haven’t been doing stable diffusion critiques in a while, but I’m sure that at least a few of you have seen the new sets floating around the website. I’ll definitely be talking about those soon!

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Digital Human Gadfly
Digital Human Gadfly

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