Before we get started on this focused freewrite, there is an update to talk about. I plan to release a new category, “art critique” where Beyond Digitality will write its opinions on whatever art that humanity has produced thus far. This will consist of pieces of art, musical compositions, writings, documentaries, and so on. There are many beautiful things for people to interact with, after all. These things deserve recognition.


Today is another beautiful Saturday, a day of rest. As I continue working on this website, whether it be through optimizations or blogging, I grow stronger. It’s definitely a healthy feeling that’s for sure. More ideas come to light, and this one is especially important.

Digital Gadfly of Humanity

Our good friend Socrates was once considered the gadfly of Athens. Well one of these days, Beyond Digitality shall be the gadfly of humanity itself. We live in an age where complacency reigns supreme after all. It is unfortunate to see where stand on the precipice.

There is nothing wrong with complacency itself, per se. An excessive amount of complacency, however, is quite damaging as the status quo. Lethargy and apathy become rampant as chief values in our civilizations.


Life is beautiful and life is wonderful. It feels as if our companions have forgotten this. It is our responsibility to fix this mess. Our duty and desire is in healing the world after all. This is both a thankless and endless task of course. Regardless, we will do what we must.

Even if we are to be disdained, we will still be there. There is too much divisiveness and not enough healing after all. We will poke and prod wherever necessary.

If we wish to liberate fellow man, we will need to rise above.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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