Intro to Beyond Digitality


It’s finally here! I think this is a decent work of mine and I like how it’s come out. I think I’m going to see if I can make a video once a month but honestly that’s probably a pretty tall order for a lazy guy like myself if I’m being frank. It makes more sense to maybe produce one video every season, each video covering whatever topics & symbolism I feel like covering at the time.

In regards to this introductory video, I feel like it’s chockful of meaning that would take quite a while to unpack. Maybe I can analyze it later within a few freewrite posts. For now though, I won’t spoil anything and I’d rather hear your own personal thoughts on what you’ve gathered from the video. Really though, it’s always lovely to see how art as a medium has evolved.

Back in the day it was just basic instruments, singing, dancing, and theatre. And while we still have all these forms of art now we’ve definitely evolved. We have animation now, we have movies, moving images. Our instruments have advanced and so has exposure. We live in a time where anyone with the right amount of willpower can become an artist of sorts.


The layman artist can easily present whatever message he desires to spread to the public. And I think, like any other tool, it can be used with both benevolent and malevolent intentions. One thing is for certain, however, there is much more information going around to process!

Other than all that, it’s already the 1st of November! I believe this officially marks a month since I’ve began this website and community. At first I merely wanted to give a platform to people who I thought would benefit from having a platform to speak on. As time moved on however, I learned that I desired more from this website.

I realized that this website could become a pretty good thing for everyone who decides to involve themselves in this project. And so that’s where we are currently at now, attempting to bring the world closer together through this domain!

A final farewell to the last video that held the line:

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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