Beyond Digitality


Decided to give the prompt of “Beyond Digitality” and I’ve gotta say, it’s interesting. I’m both impressed and creeped out so that’s definitely funny. I’m impressed with how coincidental it is that our world is represented as a part of Beyond Digitality. At the same time, I’m also creeped out with that coincidence. It’s as if the generator understands our mission statement to an extent.

It could be an auspicious sign to some I guess. Maybe this community can be seen as being destined for effecting positive change in the world. Destiny is meaningless though, if no one takes up the tasks at hand in the first place. I think that’s probably why I’d like to do something about it. Even if I fail, at least I go down trying.

My favorite image in the set would have to be the top-right one. I think It definitely fits the theme of “digitality.” You have what’s basically a virtual representation of the world alongside what seems like data points, the “metadata” essentially. The question is what do we do with these data points?

I should get into that actually, that’ll probably be my next focused free write. We are currently living in the “Information Age” after all! This new era definitely holds some responsibility for maintaining our current zeitgeist. Shouldn’t we arm ourselves with better understanding of what we’re dealing with here? If we want to help ourselves as well as the others around us, this is the least that we could do.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Post Script

If you’d like some basic background information, here are some resources to look into in the form of Wikipedia articles. The two main concepts that I’ll likely be touching upon are: Internet of Things as well as Information Age

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