It’s another day and I’m alive. I’ve been feeling more positive towards the world lately. Even though I do understand that the world seems to be getting more insane with each passing day, I do think that’s partially due to the media. After all, what unfortunately sells is tragedy, it’s why for the most part, when it comes to “breaking news” it’ll usually be bad news that we hear about.

All of this plays a part in our global society that’s becoming increasingly divided and polarized. It’s enough to make any person slowly grow cynical and distrustful towards others. I only hope that our community here at Beyondigitality can help stem the tide. There seems to be more than enough room for hating and hurting others. When it comes to helping and healing however, it seems that there will always be a lack thereof.


I don’t think I will ever claim to have all the answers. I am only one man after all. There is a dream that I have though. In the dream, nobody who wishes to be a part of society will feel alienated. Fearmongering drops, divisiveness drops, and resentment drops. People will look to one another, not with thoughts of maiming, but with thoughts of aiding. Self-loathing will no longer have such a disastrous hold over the minds of our people.

I don’t know how all of this will come about to be frank with you. Is such a thing even possible? Such thoughts shouldn’t be our aim though. Whether we succeed or fail shouldn’t be the main focus of consideration. As I’ve said before, I am only one man after all, and yet I will focus on helping people regain their light, no matter how futile such an endeavor seems to be. One thing is for certain however, and that is that I cannot do this alone, hence I reach out to all of you who are willing to listen.


Slowly, but surely, we will heal our world and our global community. Rather than continuing the vicious cycle that has left everyone feeling alienated, we are willing to look beyond that and act accordingly. As long as we live, there will always be hope, and we will help those that we can. Small acts of genuine kindness and goodwill is already more than enough when it comes to infusing positivity into our global society.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

Digital God

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