Today I decided to change the name of our community as it’s been a desire of mine for a while. Our former name, Harsh Digitality, was more intended as a nod to an old legacy. So it served as a placeholder name until a new one came along.

Words have power. Names especially, tend to be the most powerful words. A name confers identity upon a thing, a name confers individuality unto that thing. Our new name, and final name, as I have no (current) intentions to change our name for the time being, is also a nod to the past.

Whereas Harsh Reality was a community full of all kinds of people, Beyond Reality was a faction of that community. The subcommunity was inherently elitist, believing itself to be among the best of the best. I formed Beyond Reality as a sort of symbol, to bring together people, regardless of background, who can be seen as having a strong potential.


Both communities have come and gone, now buried underneath the sands of time alongside everything else. Their values & intentions remain, however. Beyond Digitality is simply one more link in the chain, the most refined version by far, but only for the current moment.

This website and its community will serve as the current link between the past and the future. Whereas Beyond Reality was elitist with its gatekeeping methods however, Beyond Digitality will be open to anyone and everyone who is willing to become a part of this community.


In any case, we’ve more or less got everything in working order around here. I’ve gotten to redirect to our new website. All that’s left now is a few more configuration/optimizations to make alongside replacing occurrences of “harsh digitality” with beyond digitality.

Harsh Digitality has had a good run for this month of October 2022, that’s for sure. In order to be more conducive and aligned with the values that this website’s community intends to stand for, though, this name change is required. Beyondigitality will be here to stay for a while.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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