Painter and Easel
Painter & Easel


First thing to get out of the way is this, all images generated through stable diffusion for Harsh digitality will be branded with our watermark! If you’d like to help spread brand awareness then feel free to use any of our images. As annoying as it may be, I feel that this is a good way to get our name out there, and that’s one of our goals. We must establish a presence for everyone to be aware of, only then will we be able to extend helping hands to one another.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk more about the image. I love all 5 renderings within this batch, but I’d have to say that my favorite one is the top right. I can say this simply because I see and feel myself in that image, I can resonate with it.


In my, biased eyes, I see a man who’s simply lost in his works. I don’t mean “work” in the colloquial sense. Let’s be frank in admitting that, drudgery which we euphemize as “work” is nothing more than an illusion. I talk about the kind of work that is simply energy-draining and soul-sucking. The only thing that’s able to keep us trapped in such a vicious cycle is the promise of monopoly money.

Genuine work is that which you see presented in that top right image. It is work that is engaging to you. It fills you with energy, rather than take away energy. It is ultimately inspiring, and leaves you swelling with pride when you are finished for the day. This is the sort of work that every human being ought to strive to produce at least once, just to understand the feeling.


I once thought that it would be impossible for me to find work that felt fulfilling. In the end however, I’ve managed to combine my two passions and ended up creating this website. And this has been some of the most soul-nourishing work that I’ve done. I will talk about these passions later in a focused freewrite, but for now that is all that I’ll say within the scope of this post.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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