Well, I wonder how I’m going to write this post about the passions I mentioned the other day. I imagine that it could end up being a long essay. I could also end up simply writing a few small blocks of text. Only time will really tell how it’ll work out in the end.


Apparently this website has been getting many more visits from a lot of people recently. Although I think that it’s still a shame since no one is signing up. I’m probably going to start focusing efforts in finding out registration incentives. I say probably because maybe I don’t need to focus efforts at all. Perhaps people will eventually want to create an account on this website when they feel like it.

There’s just a lot to consider, after all. I think I’ll just give it a time limit really. If no one new has registered by New Years’ then I will do something about it! Hopefully my patient impatience can win out and wait until the time limit is over to make some moves. This is pretty good stuff, as petty as it may all be, this anxiety is indeed what I’m feeling, “how will I convince people that it’s a good idea to make this website another home?” After all, if I can’t form a community then I will have ultimately failed in one of my objectives of healing the world slowly.


There’s a lot to think and a lot to say, and yet this is all that I’ve really talked about so far. There’s a lot of inner turmoil in regards to the future of the website that I’m currently processing as I write all this out, wondering if I should even publish it. Regardless though, it will be published since these are my earnest thoughts and I dare to lay them bare. One thing I can say for certain, however, is that regardless of all these prospects & possibilities, I will hold my head high no matter what. I will always find a way, even through setback after setback, I will reach you all.

No matter what, we will all win, of this I can promise you. I also have to remember that this website isn’t even (figuratively) a month old yet. It can all be chalked up to the anxieties and jittery energy that comes with a fresh start, a new project. I look forward to walking this path alongside all those who will walk with me.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,

Andrew Stargazer

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