Hmm, I just realized that I completely forgot to make a stable diffusion post the other day. Should I double up and make two posts today? Maybe, maybe not. One of these days I should find out how the website looks through the eyes of a user-level account. Maybe I’ll be able to find out what areas to improve on like that.

It’s definitely interesting to think about. Ever since I decided to make this website as awesome as I could make it, it’s been consuming my time. It’s been that way for the majority of my life I think. On one end I’m aimless & free-floating, like a cloud. On the other end I can hyperfocus like a precise laser and just block everything out without intending to. It’s a scary trait I have to admit, I started working on October 1st and it’s already the 25th of October, where did all that time go?


I’m just wondering if there’s anything I really want to say. I’m pretty sure I got something good to say, but I got distracted a few moments ago so now my thoughts have all scattered away. I think that’s another reason why I’m glad that I’m deciding to make these posts. Given how forgetful I am, I could always just come back, several years from now, and look at these posts with mixed feelings.

What do I want though? I want this website to take off. I want to make this website look the best that it can and function the best that it can. I want many people to use this site to share their thoughts. Will I ever be done with my work? I thought I was done with a major optimization of the site a while ago. I realize now, however, that the optimization was only one small part. Five years from now I’ll likely be integrating some new functionalities here or creating some snippets there. I’ll definitely always attempt to make this website load faster and more smoothly for people though.


Persistence is the key. I’ll say this over and over again. Regardless of success or failure, of victory or defeat, of triumph or disaster, persistence is key. I am impatient, I want this website to grow now. I want to see many people using it now. But I understand that this will take weeks, months, even years to bear fruit. The point is however, is that neither you nor I give up.

When it comes to posts like these, I’m sure that I will always talk informally. I am not upstage on a podium making an official presentation. I am talking to you at eye-level and I hope that my sentiments and thoughts are able to transmit through to you all in as many bytes as it takes. Join our community and help us heal the world.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,


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