I don’t know what I’m particularly after when it comes to writing this post. Honestly speaking though, I think when it comes to posts like these, I won’t really be after anything, at least not consciously so. My only intentions are to let my thoughts flow freely onto the page, and publishing whatever comes out without an edit.

Back in my high school days they called this “freewriting” and although I didn’t have a good time during high school, I am glad that I learned about this technique. A focused freewrite would involve a prompt, and maybe I could do more of those. For now though, I’ll just focus on letting my mind wander. As I get back into the groove of writing genuinely like this we’ll be able to get into deeper topics. So without further ado, let us begin.

So the idea behind freewriting is that you write down whatever you’re thinking as it comes. I definitely struggle doing that since I’d prefer to process and optimize my thoughts before letting them spill out into the world. After all, you can’t ever take it back once you’ve said it, right? When I do manage to freewrite however, I find the process to be quite cathartic.

I am able to express whatever my thoughts and feelings are focusing on for that moment in time. This is especially helpful to me since I usually turn my mind off for most things nowadays. It’ll be tough but perhaps one day I’ll be able to live without having to be on autopilot when it comes to dealing with the day-to-day tasks that I’d rather not be doing. Freewriting helps though, even with something as small as this, I am living in the moment.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,


Post Script

Lastly, I will say this, any posts I make that is a date followed by the words Another Day will no doubt be a freewrite post. So if you are interested in these, do be sure to look for those words.

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