Part 1

All my life I’ve drifted. I’ve drifted from place to place, function to function, and time to time. My few loved ones and I have always been the only constants, that and Change itself.

After I “grew” out of childhood dreams, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to be. I always knew about who I wanted to be, however, myself. Other than the fact that I intentionally kept solitary for the most part, I craved wisdom. To me, wisdom had always been an obscure word, until I realized that it simply means to know yourself. Not only to know yourself, but to understand yourself as well.

So there I was, wandering aimlessly from place to place, function to function, and time to time. Perhaps, as an adolescent, I had been resentful of the way civilization functioned. The negative feelings weren’t too clear at the time, but I simply desired liberation from the structure that I had been mindlessly following for too long.

Part 2

I had achieved a multitude of “impressive” feats. I had also learned about and explored many fields of interest. Ultimately however, none of it really mattered much to me in the long run. I had since accepted that this is it, believing that nothing would change this fate.

That all changed after I encountered Harsh Reality, a community dedicated to challenging the personal values of anyone and everyone who entered its premises. At first I had merely treated it as entertainment, thinking that it would simply be a good pastime. Over time, however, I met many people, and grew alongside a few of them that I could call friends. They’ve taught me a lot and in return I taught them.

The community has long since passed away, after all, it was never meant to last long anyhow. With its highly aggressive methods, only a very few people were genuinely fond of the community and what it stood for. Regardless of the fact that it is no longer digitally present, its essence and spirit continued to live on within a few of its members.

Present Day

I had begin moving again. My despondent mind and emotions began to breathe and live once more, as I had finally shrugged off the apathy that had kept me stagnant for so long. I had always said that I loved life and I knew it, but I never understood what I meant by that until I had encountered this period of personal development, this wisdom. Now I am here. For these past few weeks I had been working nonstop on this website & community without an instance of burnout. I wish to help others who are willing to stand with me.

Even now I am not quite sure whether or not this project of mine would succeed, but I am not worried about the end result as I care more for the process, the journey. Even with my life having more direction and dreams to fulfill, I understand that I am still the aimless wonderer that I’ve always been. As long as I am me, that much will be true.

And so I present to the very world, Harsh Digitality, a community intent on bringing people together so that we may improve alongside one another. We are a sanctuary for those decent people who have no place that they belong. I am no one special, I am simply a man who wishes to walk beside those who wish to walk beside me. If you feel inspired by any of these thoughts, then I beckon you to join us.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,


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