Some sort of witchcraft going on here – Stable Diffusion


Man, that’s crazy, I’ve already done one whole week’s worth of Stable diffusion images, I’m glad to have come this far, and I’m glad to have all of you by my side while doing this. Just remember that we’re only getting started, our website and community will definitely grow and become better over time!

Well, enough of that, I decided that the best way to celebrate this occasion is by giving the stable diffusion generator itself as a prompt. Pretty cool huh? Well to be frank with you, I have no idea what I’m looking at here. I only recognize a lambda-like symbol in the bottom center. Other than that, I guess I also see that first graph on the top-left corner. It kind of reminds me of that stocks meme.

But man, the rest of these images. I really don’t know what to say really. The top center image looks like some sort of esoteric occult symbolism going on in there. So could it be that AI algorithms are powered by witchcraft and black magic?

It couldn’t be, right? Ahh well, I’m just joking about that, mostly anyways.

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,


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