The Harmonious Universe

I take one look at these images and the only thing I can think is, “these pictures don’t seem harmonious to me whatsoever!” Indeed, at least to my eyes, everything seems so disorganized, chaotic, and random, in all the pictures. I think this is the first time where a set of images all shared a universal theme in common, “Existence is constantly in disarray,” I suppose, is that theme.

But, I suppose that’s what makes the universe orderly and harmonious in the first place. The fact that discord will always reign supreme is one of the few, expected constants. In essence, the fact that the patterns seem to be random, is the main pattern. As long as we understand that the universe is constantly absurd, then we know what to expect. If we know what to expect then we’ll never be caught off guard or surprised.

I say that but of course the saying that “truth is stranger than fiction” is a truth I know all too well. No matter how prepared we may think we are, the universe will always be ready to throw a curveball. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The variety keeps life interesting.

Regards From Your Fellow Wanderer,


p.s. – seems like an interesting book to pick up.

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