First off I’d like to start with an apology for not updating last night. So to make up for it I’m creating a post during my lunch time, that should be pretty fair I’d say.

In any case, there wasn’t a post last night because I was too focused on working on a chatbot application. After a lot of trial and error I made some progress and that was when I decided to finally head to bed.

I’ve gotta mention, I never believed that I’d be interacting with any level of machine learning and neural network technology. It’s actually a bit surreal realizing this. I’m hoping that this application could work decently within Harsh Digitality’s chatrooms.

That’s pretty much the update for now, it’s less of a post and more of an apology, I’ll create an actual tech news post later today. Unfortunately since I’m posting from a phone, I won’t be able to create stable diffusion images to post alongside all this text

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer


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