Batch of 5 Harsh Digitalities

Unfortunately (for me) this time around this set of images seems to be more or less mundane. It’s sad since I was expecting some pretty epic aesthetics that any person would probably think of when they hear the words, “harsh digitality.”

Maybe it’s just me but I was definitely thinking of some sort of digital dystopia theme. Some sort of horrid amalgamation of Deus Ex, Cyberpunk, and the Matrix would have been a good start. Well, looking on the bright side, I’m sure that every single one of these images are nightmarish in their own right.

While I can’t really say much for three of those pictures, I can say a bit for the last two images. Let’s start with the top center image, what are we even looking at here? Well to me, I see two screens both suffering from half a blue screen of death. That’s definitely a digital nightmare for anyone who’d encounter that. As for the top right image, I’m not even quite sure what I’m looking at. It kind of looks like a laptop, and if it is, it’s simply horrendous. A laptop from Hell with an irredeemable screen(s?) to boot. Finally, the keys just simply look ugly to me.

I decided to check it out and it’s hilarious. I guess some laptops are just so ugly that they can’t be shown. But anyways that’s all I have for you guys today, until next time!

Regards From Your Fellow Wonderer,


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