With the way trends are looking, I wonder if most, or all, work will end up as remote/virtual work. Thinking back on my previous article ( for reference) it’s just starting to seem that not only is it possible to have decent and relatively inexpensive general-purpose robots within the next 10 to 20 years, but now there’s this $1500 virtual reality headset being released with the objective of achieving an optimal workflow.

Honestly though, wouldn’t that be hilariously ironic? For a long time now, a good sizable chunk of the world’s population sought solace from real life through the digital world, especially since a lot of the main stressors originates in our material lives. Is it possible that we would see a trend reversal where all of our problems start to originate from the digital world?

Think about it, sometime in the future all bills will be paid through digital means. All work would be done digitally. Perhaps even some chores would find its way into becoming more digitalized as well if that’s possible. Isn’t it hilarious to imagine how future generations would equate “being lazy” or “relaxing” as wasting time offline rather than online?

That would definitely be dystopic at the very least. In any case however, as we continually achieve new layers of reality to perceive and live within, we ought to do our best in navigating an increasingly complex environment.

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Layers of Reality

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