$50,000 for a seat to the stratosphere, that’s actually not that bad of a deal, especially since the space travel industry is still only in its infancy. Given enough time, maybe even 10 years later, we could definitely expect the price to drop. I definitely wouldn’t feel surprised to see tickets going on for $5,000 or even $2,000 a seat when it gets to that point.

As a young boy I’ve always been fascinated with two things: technology & astronomy. Becoming an astronaut or even working within that field was a dream career that I had as a small child. Once I scrounge up the funds it looks like it could become a reality, so that’s nice to know.

In any case, our brand name is Harsh Digitality, so technology and its impacts on humanity is definitely a field I am keen on exploring with all of you. As a result, tech news will definitely be a category of its own and I look forward to creating daily updates on whatever I find interesting!

To the stars

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