It’s been quite a busy few days, I think I’m ready to write another one of these posts.

I managed to fix up some backend issues of the site. It’s pretty good to see everything being a lot more organized compared to what I’ve been used.

On another note, I’ve decided to create a more uniform aesthetic for the site, it should be more easy on the eyes now, hopefully. I’ve also introduced a chat application to the site, and it seems to be functioning as intended so I’m satisfied for now. I’m sure that sooner or later we’ll be growing a decent community to join us on our grand adventure.

Finally, I’ve managed to recruit two wonderful people who are willing to express their thoughts & feelings to the world through this platform, it’s got me pretty excited that’s for sure. We’re all quite new to this so it’ll be a learning experience for all of us involved.

Until next time!

Your Fellow Wanderer,


p.s. please enjoy a piece by Max Richter

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