Actually surprised to see about 100 unique visitors check out this website within the last couple of days, I was more expecting slow & steady growth but hey, we’ll continue progressing with our work regardless of what’s on our plate.

Other than that, there’s been some inactivity, mostly since I’ve managed to encounter a few people who I already knew were good and interesting people. I’m grateful that a few of them are willing to voice their thoughts and express their musings on this platform from time to time. Some may even showcase their works of art and hobbies, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

In any case, other than working on the backend of this website for the past several days, I’m going to start adding a few more pages for our new authors. Thank you again!

Also, have you registered an account with us yet? We have a forum that’ll definitely serve as a great archive for wisdom & information all on its own. I’m also looking into likely installing a small third-party chatroom application on the site itself, maybe if that gains a lot of popularity I’ll see what I can do about coding up a customized chatroom.

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