October 31, 2022 – Another Day

Intro It’s another day and I’m alive. I’ve been feeling more positive towards the world lately. Even though I do understand that the world seems to be getting more insane with each passing day, I do think that’s partially due to the media. After all, what unfortunately sells is tragedy, it’s why for the most […]

SD Image Set #13 – Realm of Imagination

Welcome to the realm of imagination! Everything and anything is possible here, all it requires is a bit of imagination! In all seriousness though, it’s interesting that the generator more-or-less thought of medieval fantasy as a proper representation. What exactly is imagination anyhow? Well the way I think about it, Imagination can be simplified as […]

October 30 2022 – Another Day

Intro Another day, another post. My mind is blank right now, but is it because there’s nothing to think or too much to think about? Unpacking my mind is the main purpose for my freewriting. Well, I think that’s why this website is ultimately useful to me above all else. It could all just end […]

SD Image Set #12 – SASS

Intro To be frank with you all, this is not quite what I was hoping for. Regardless, the images were rendered beautifully, there is no doubt about it. I have always held a romantic notion of space, considered to be the final frontier. I’m sure that, realistically speaking however, outer space is not too big […]

SD Image Set #11 – Cosmic Dragons

Intro It’s cosmic dragons, what more could you ask for? I’ve always been pretty big into fantasy, unfortunately I don’t have any skills to bring my imagination to life. Stable diffusion is pretty much the closest thing I could use when it comes to bringing ideas into reality. In any case, there’s no real significance […]

Community Update – October 27th

Intro Today I decided to change the name of our community as it’s been a desire of mine for a while. Our former name, Harsh Digitality, was more intended as a nod to an old legacy. So it served as a placeholder name until a new one came along. Words have power. Names especially, tend […]

Focused Free Write #1 – Two Passions

Intro In a previous post, https://beyondigitality.com/sd-image-set-10-painter-and-his-easel/ to be exact, I talked a little about “two passions” that I combined in order to form this site. I do have quite a few more passions asides from the one that I’m about to talk about right now. Those can be explored much later on through more posts […]

October 26, 2022 – Another Day

Intro Well, I wonder how I’m going to write this post about the passions I mentioned the other day. I imagine that it could end up being a long essay. I could also end up simply writing a few small blocks of text. Only time will really tell how it’ll work out in the end. […]

SD Image Set #10 – Painter and His Easel

Intro First thing to get out of the way is this, all images generated through stable diffusion for Harsh digitality will be branded with our watermark! If you’d like to help spread brand awareness then feel free to use any of our images. As annoying as it may be, I feel that this is a […]

October 25th, 2022 – Another Day

Intro Hmm, I just realized that I completely forgot to make a stable diffusion post the other day. Should I double up and make two posts today? Maybe, maybe not. One of these days I should find out how the website looks through the eyes of a user-level account. Maybe I’ll be able to find […]